Our Philosophy

Have you noticed in the street that people are riveted on their phone?

We can reach your customers much more easily and individually. That is why we have taken the means to know all the underneath social media and digital marketing. Digital marketing allows you to reach a targeted clientele at a lower cost. Our philosophy is based on the means to enable you to achieve the desired situations established with you even in relation to the current observed situation of your company

Our History

Our company is based on 30 years of experience in marketing and 6 years in social media. We have tested the market for you in different fields of activity, whether in the printing, catering, software, building or the real estate market.

Meet Our Team

Laurent Donnadieu
Laurent DonnadieuFondateur et PDG
Manager and businessman; Real estate administrator, project manager; Manager of financial projects and marketing in various fields and sectors (real estate, IT, printing, pharmaceutical, retail, manufacturing, service, catering) Manager of special projects related to social media.

~ Logical and analytical mind, determined, tenacious and able to prepare well in advance actions and achievements ~ Demonstrated ability to plan and manage in dynamic environment ~ Active personality in search of tangible results …

Mélanie Lavoie
Mélanie LavoieVice-présidente Vente
After 20 years in the banking sector, Mélanie Lavoie gained a solid experience in sales in several fields, be it financial products, exhibitions and media. Thereafter, she realizes that society is changing and contact is made gradually via social media.