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Close more business with homeowners

Target relevant buyers for a significant sales increase


Put your brand where homeowners are looking. We help home improvement, home repair, and retail services connect with homeowners looking to breathe new life into their home. We understand the competitive nature of the home services marketplace and work to produce an aggressive campaign for lead generation. We help you get your products and services in front of a growing audience of web users looking for professional help with their homes or a quality source for the furniture needed to bring their home to life.



Web users are turning to Houzz for improvements to their home. Whether it’s to find the perfect dining room table to fit the aesthetic of the room or the right team to paint their home, Houzz presents a great opportunity to reach a growing market interested in connecting with the best.

Houzz marketing for local sales and growth

Put your brand in the spotlight. You could see a 270% sales increase and 78% higher conversion rate

Audience Research


Competitively position your offerings to a growing market of online homeowners.

Profile Optimization


We create a powerful profile for your team and your company, giving visitors a great view of your history and experience.

Content Creation


Our campaigns focus on targeting those in your local markets who are most likely to hire you.

Project Showcasing


Show them your best work and have them come directly to you for their remodeling.



By having your brand, your projects, and everything you offer easily accessible, they can make a connection with your brand name.



Just like with any other online investment, engagement is key. We get them to ask the questions to you, the expert.

Visualize what your brand offers

Effective visuals yield a 78% higher conversion rate

Houzz users are visual users. They want to see the best work of the people they’re hiring to get a solid idea of the overall quality they can expect from you. Businesses that have ample creative and high-quality projects on their profile achieve significantly more business than those that don’t put time and effort into their profile. We work with your team to make sure that key projects are pushed and that your projects are covered in a way that shows off elements that appeal to the people who are searching for you on Houzz.



The home improvement and remodeling industry is constantly growing, but it is very much a “grass roots” ordeal. We work to ensure that your Houzz profile targets users who are able to hire you to do work. We hone our strategies based on the trends of the market in each of the areas you serve.

Build a relationship with potential buyers

Our communications lead to increase sales

Building your brand can be as simple as making the most out of your listing on Houzz. By letting us market you effectively, you will naturally build a level of authority in your key markets. Homeowners looking for professionals will associate your business or brand name with the best in the business. Our comprehensive approach ensures you make use of the entire platform, placing you competitively against other businesses. Your showcase, engagement, and prominent positioning in the marketplace will be your keys to success.

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