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Could your sales benefit from a second chance? Target and win over lost sales

Retargeting Ad Marketing

Get a second chance to make the sale


About 98% of all web users don’t convert on their first visit. Online shoppers are becoming increasingly careful of their online spending. With so much competition in online sales, it’s crucial for online stores to put the effort in to earn a second chance. We can provide you that unique edge over your competition by targeting them and bringing them in front of your brand once again. Our retargeting campaigns aim to track each visitor to your website, add them to an audience, and follow them with branded ads across the web, eventually driving them back.



Understanding where your users are coming from and what sites they frequent is the key to a successful retargeting campaign. While it is impossible to have a definitive answer for each visitor, our approach to retargeting involves understanding how your audience browses and targeting relevant ad channels.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Retargeting Campaigns

We are serious about giving you the second chance to win over a potential customer

Channel Focused


We choose the right channels to ensure you’re reaching your potential customers where they browse the web.

Audience Retention


Your audience will build over time, leading to an organic progression in sales and recurring visits.

Ad Copy Optimization


Time is spent analyzing the performance of individual ads and determining how to change them to make them more appealing.

Competitive Analysis


Your competition is thoroughly analyzed to understand how they perform tracking and how they target their users online.

Cost Efficiency


Advertising costs are analyzed throughout your campaign to find ways to achieve the same results with a smaller budget.

Custom Reports


Reports are created with your specific audience in mind, providing you information on performance as well as observations about your audience.

Retargeting Ad Optimization

Sending the right message on the second try

Every ad is crafted to appeal to your target audience. We dive into what appeals to different target demographics to best appeal to what is most important to them about the products and/or services you offer. This knowledge is used to create a powerful ad campaign that influences their decision to return to your website, giving you another chance at converting them into a paying customer. We increase the click-through rate of your campaign by making adjustments based on the results we see.



Due to the nature of the internet, it can become difficult to retain visitors on your website. We work to ensure your visitors are always coming back to see the latest deals and offerings. This gives you the best chance to convert them and keeps them in tune with your brand.

Retargeting Competition Analysis

Learn from your competitors in retargeting.

We analyze the competition to understand what they’re doing to bring their visitors back. Not only does this give us insight into new avenues to target, we can also identify holes in their plan to help you obtain a competitive advantage. By understanding the different channels they’re advertising on, we can place your brand in a competitive position while targeting the low-cost channels they aren’t using with a different strategy. We continue to analyze your competition and the industry as a whole to adapt your retargeting campaign to new trends and developments.

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